Mondays - Cardiology (Heart diseases) and Dermatology (Skin diseases) clinics

Tuesdays - Gastroenterology (Digestive/Liver diseases) clinic

Wednesdays - Neurology (Brain/Nerve diseases) clinic

Thursdays - Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism clinic

Fridays - Pulmonology (Chest diseases) and Nephrology (Kidney diseases) and Dermatology (Skin diseases) clinics Mondays through Fridays - Sexually-transmitted infections clinic.

The Department of Medicine is the flagship of the hospital. There are two medical wards housed in a storey building: the Male Medical Ward downstairs and the Female Medical Ward upstairs. Each ward has a total of Twenty-six (26) beds with a capacity to expand to Thirty-five (35) beds in the event of acute need. Each ward includes two (2) private rooms and five (5) Isolation beds. In this building we have the offices of the Head of Department and that of the Matron of the Department. The ECG and Cardiology Lab, departmental side laboratory, Nurses room and House Officers Call room are on the ground floor. We have the Nurses' office, Departmental Seminar Room, Department Library and Registrars Call room upstairs. There is a security post at the entrance to the building. The department also has variable numbers of bed at any given time in the Accident and Emergency Department (Casualty department), Intensive Care Unit and the Amenity (VIP) Ward located on the top floor of the O&G building

The Department of Medicine is fully accredited by the West African College of Physicians to train Residents in Internal Medicine. We cover the following subspecialties of Internal Medicine - Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Clinical Hematology & Oncology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Dermatology and Infectious diseases. We presently have a total of thirty- eight (38) Resident doctors in the department at various stages of their training. The department has a Dialysis Unit located on the ground floor of the Intensive Care Ward and an Endoscopy Suite located in the Orthopedic Theatre unit. The various subspecialties/departmental units run out-patient clinics daily, Monday to Friday at the Medical Out-patient, Clinic building. The department has annex at the Federal Medical Center, Otuoke annex, where we have twenty (20) in-patients beds and run daily medical clinics and 24h emergency services.


Dr Emmanuel Chapp-Jumbo. BMedSc, MBBS, FWACP, FACP, MAAN. Consultant Physician/Neurologist and Head of Department.

Dr Chinyere Madubike. MBBS, FWACP, MAGA. Consultant Physician/Gastroenterologist

Dr Daniel Jesuorobo MBBS, FWACP. Consultant Physician/Cardiologist

Dr Chesa Mankwe. ND, MBBCH, MSc, FWACP. Consultant Physician/Cardiologist

Dr Timothy Ogenyi. MBBS, FWACP. Consultant Physician/Nephrologist

Dr Finomo F. Finomo. MBBS, FWACP. Consultant Physician/Endocrinologist

Dr Gesiye Bozimo. MBBS, FWACP. Consultant Physician/Endocrinologist

Prof K. K. Imananagha. MD, Spec. Internal Med, PhD. Visiting Consultant Physician/Neurologist

Prof Tubonye C. Harry. MBBS. FRCOG, FRCP (London), FFSRH, FWACS Visiting Consultant Genitourinary and HIV Medicine.

Prof Dimie Ogoina. MBBS, FWACP, FMCP, FACP, Cert Clin Leadership (UK). Visiting Consultant Physician/Infectious Disease

Dr Peter Ikuabe. MBBS, FWACP, Cert TCD. Visiting Consultant Physician/Chest Medicine (Pulmonologist)

Dr Jumbo Johnbull. BMedSc (Physiol), MBBS, FWACP. Visiting Consultant Physician/Chest Medicine (Pulmonologist)

Dr Oghenekaro Godwin Egbi. MBBS, MPH, FMCP, FWACP. Visiting Consultant Physician/Nephrologist

Dr Dasetima Altraide. BMedSc, MBBS, FWACP. Visiting Consultant Physician/Dermatologist

Dr Jane Uche-Ejekwu. MBBS, Msc Immunology & Allergy (Nottingham), FWACP. Visiting Consultant Physician/Dermatologist & Venerologist