MD. Mission Statement
Dr. Dennis O. Allagoa

Service Delivery, Training and Research

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, neither by duration, but by impact and the contributions we make.
We have been given an opportunity to be together at this time to create our own realities. We must stop waiting for things to happen; we must seize the opportunities and make things happen. We must dream a new world-class hospital. This may look far-fetched but dreams always come in a size too big, so that we can grow into them. We are faced with daunting challenges; that of funds and human capital that will enable us arrive at our destination.

We may not be able to stop the waves but we can team up to surf or at most dance with it. Colleagues and friends, let us dare to make a difference and take courage to stand as one of the hospitals of repute because nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. As I assume the Office of the Medical Director, my one paramount desire is to stand on the shoulders of giants that have piloted the affairs of this great hospital; to key into their dreams and expand our scope.Therefore, my vision and mandate that we trust God for are to:

  • Make the Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa a one-stop hospital
  • Give a three (3) pronged approach, namely: Service Delivery, Training and Research.
  • Provide comprehensive, qualitative and excellent services, in an ambient and patient friendly environment, where patients and their optimal care is the highest priority.
  • To provide a frame work that will constantly improved patient care and foster innovation that will exceed patients' expectations and will satisfy the desires of our stakeholders and care givers.
  • Upgrade the existing Borehole Water System to a Central Water Reticulation System to provide adequate and uninterrupted potable water supply to every ward, clinic and theatre facility in our hospital.
  • To position the institution amongst the leading world-class hospitals through the provision of Radiological Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Investigations and Surgeries/Intervention at reasonable costs.
  • Make the hospital become economically stable by raising fund internally through Radio-Diagnostic Centre, Retainerships, Health Fitness Club, Intramural practices, Basic/Advanced Life Support Training Centre in collaboration with nearby universities and establishment of modern mortuary facility. Provision of laundry services, oxygen plant services, pharmacy services and research laboratories through public-private partnership initiative.
  • Create room for external funding through donations from stakeholders, multi-national corporations, and non-governmental organizations for specific projects. ie cancer treatment will be a key priority.
  • Make Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa a leading Centre of clinic and academic achievements in the next four (4) years through a highly trained and specialized courteous Staff providing humane compassionate care. This will involve expanding the specialist Training programme of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Scientists and other medical personnel to full accreditation at all levels and sub-specialization of the Consultant Cadre to bring home to our people current practies and treatment that are being sought outside the country at affordable rates.
  • To make Federal Medical Centre , Yenagoa a research arrow-head to identity challenges , provide answers and fashion out intervention and strategic future planning.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, neither by duration, but by impact and the contributions we make.